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    Civil War did not end slavery

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    Massachusetts first to establish slavery

    Gen. Beauregard Civil Rights advocate

    Post "Civil War" Racial Divide in the South

    Nullification and State Sovereignty


    It was a time when many in the South were celebrating the centennial of the "Civil War." Schools across the South made special efforts to teach lessons about the "War." Southern States celebrated the heroism of its Confederate soldiers and in 1959 the last Confederate veteran died. President Eisenhower, Chairman of the Civil War Centennial Commission, noted the death as an occasion for national mourning. Confederate flags, tags and bumper stickers were common sights across Dixie. It was also a time when many in the South were making strides toward a color-blind society, a society where people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Click HERE to read more.........


    Make Dixie Great Again website

    Project Reclaiming Constitutional Liberty

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